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Compiled to have a good time the centenary of the founding of the Faraday Society in 1903, this assortment offers a number of the key papers released in Faraday journals during the last 100 years. The characteristic articles have been all written through leaders of their box, together with a few Nobel Prize winners corresponding to Lord George Porter and John Pople, and canopy a breadth of themes demonstrating the big variety of medical fields which the Faraday Society, and now the RSC Faraday department, search to advertise. themes comprise: Intermolecular Forces; Ultrafast procedures; Astrophysical Chemistry; Polymers; and Electrochemistry.Each article is followed by means of a observation which places it in context, describes its impression and exhibits how the sphere has built considering the fact that its publication.

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The cluster ion A: leaves plate P1 at time t , with an internal energy distribution given by P,(tl, E*). The second factor gives the probability that it survives the flight between plates P1 and P2,where the fragments are not focused on one mass peak. The last term gives the probability that A: ejects an atom between plate P2 and the reflector, where it arrives at time t 3 . The probability P i that A: is focused on one mass peak is accordingly: where t, is the flight time to the end of the reflector.

Turkevich and M. H. Cohen, Phys. Rev. , 1964, 53, 232; J . Non-cryst. Solids, 1984,61&62, 13; J . Phys. , 1984, 26 88,3751. 30 N. W. Ashcroft, Science, 1989,340,345. 31 C. Castellani, G. Kotliar and P. A. Lee, Phys. Rev. , 1987, 59,323 and references therein. 32 M. Lakner and H. v. Lohneysen, Phys. Rev. , 1989,63,648. 33 N. F. Mott, Rev. Mod. , 1968, 40, 667; Metal-Insulator Transitions (Taylor & Francis, London, 1974); The Metallic and Nonmetallic State of Matter (Taylor & Francis, London, 1985).

1990,86(13), 2473-2481 Experimental Study of the Transition from van der Waals, over Covalent to Metallic Bonding in Mercury Clusters Hellmut Haberland, Hans Kornmeler, Helge Langosch, Michael Oschwald and Gregor Tanner Fakultat fur Physik, Universitat Freiburg, Federal Republic of Germany The following properties have been measured for mercury clusters: (1) ionisation potentials of Hg, by electronimpact ionisation, (2)dissociation energies of Hg;, and (3) mass spectra for negatively charged mercury cluster ions (n 3 3).

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