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see More unsuspected heathen groups, cults, and strange religions will come to light in America than have ever existed in a single nation in all of history. The day has long since passed when America could call itself a Christian nation. I Predict: Antichrist Spirit Soars The fast rise of antichrist's spirit will be obvious in every aspect of this generation. It will be observed in the non-Christian youth who have only a hearsay knowledge of Christ. They will speak against Christ with satanic anger.

online essay writers wanted Predictions have been aired on radio and television nationwide, as well as sent to many nations via audiotapes and videotapes. In this volume, I have chosen special "I Predicts" from twenty years of predictions and present them as a whole. "I Predict" is so important to me because it is part of the end of the times—the end of the age — the return of Jesus Christ to planet Earth. It was not easy to gather twenty years into a small book. "The end times" evidently does not refer to a short period of time. Two decades have passed since its appearance. Bible prophecy has been exciting during these twenty years. Our world has changed drastically in just two decades. The prophecy picture is clearer and more dynamic than ever. " They will have an understanding of the times. This volume records the "I Predicts" which I have written over a period of twenty years. " How I Predict Each year I open my spirit to Jesus Christ for guidance regarding the unborn year. I know that God has His hand upon all earth situations and that prophetically we are moving with great velocity toward the return of the Lord Jesus Christ from heaven.

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