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By Shiva Girish

ISBN-10: 1311100598

ISBN-13: 9781311100597

This ebook “21 Meditation recommendations “is a special choice of historic knowledge and religious teachings of significant jap masters. those options are compiled from following assets taught via maximum masters from diversified cultures like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Buddhist recommendations from Buddha & Atisha grasp, Kriya Yoga Tantra Yoga by way of Babaji,Sufism‎ meditations from Gurdjieff & Jalaluddin Rumi, Kashmir Shaivism -Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - by means of Lord Shiva.

This religious instructing can spread religious energy, greater overall healthiness & internal peace inside of contributors. it may be beneficial for quite a lot of seekers who are looking to in achieving a greater course in lifestyles via direct historical knowledge and religious teachings.
As the writer shiva himself is popular tantra yoga & meditation academics who has been engaging in sessions, workshops and coaching in quite a few elements of India and out of the country for a few years. He has learnt those kriyas from many alternative conventional Hindu Yogis, Sadhus, authorities and Meditation Masters of India.

Initially this booklet used to be written for his scholars that they could perform with right guidance with out a instructor, this booklet can be utilized through smooth humans, rookies, during to yoga meditation lecturers and therapists as a handbook to steer for them of their direction of self transformation in day-by-day lives.

This booklet comprises right guidance what to do and what to not do, besides transparent information regarding energetic & passive meditations, why may still we do meditation & What the different sorts of advantages, universal sitting Asanas, Bandhas, Mudras, information about Pranayama & differing types prana, forms of Nadis, (Ida - Pingala - Sushumna)Sound Mantras, exact knowing on seven chakras and every chakra is hooked up to its corresponding physique.

Following are few examples of Meditation approach you get during this book:

Different kinds of Yogic respiring like stomach, abdominal, Chest, complete Yogic Breathing,
Breath information, gazing hole among respiring, Spinal Tantra respiring and jogging respiring meditation.
Mantra & Sound established meditations like Chakra Sound Meditation, Sound buzzing, Chakra Bija Mantra, identify Mantra, So Hum Mantra And Aum Mantra Meditation Techniques.
Active meditations like chakra dance, cease Dance, sufi whirling meditation and extra, the innovations percentage during this e-book can't be defined via phrases, however it may be comprehend via your personal direct Experience!!!

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Ruling planet: Moon. Related glands: Pineal gland. Sound: “EEE” Mantra: “Silence” The meaning of the Sanskrit word “Sahasrara” is “thousand folded”; like a lotus with a thousand petals. This is the highest plane with non-existence. This is the ultimate plane of human consciousness, the final chakra. At this point, one is beyond the cause and effect of karmas, nature, etc. This is the final point, the apex of spirituality. It is at this chakra that actual yoga occurs – the communion with divine consciousness.

During the process whole body relax, without any strain, repeat the same till 3 to 4 minutes. • Now come back to natural breathing keeping hands on the side. • Relax, let your eyes be closed, look inwards & watch your breath for 2 minutes. Step 3: Thoracic (chest) breathing • Witness your natural breathing process for few movements. • Focus the concentration on the chest and observe normal breathing. • Place your hands on the chest gently. • When you feel at ease, begin inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly, around 4 seconds during the inhalation, and likewise, 4 seconds for the exhalation.

Element: Light. Location: Between the eyebrows. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Related glands: Pituitary Gland. " This chakra is closely related with psychic abilities and is beyond individual consciousness. Allowing you to step outside yourself and into the greater consciousness of the universe, it gives abilities such as precognition and telepathy. One develops powerful intuition, which is trustable, reflecting the self in others, etc. This chakra is the abode of the intellectual power. There is a great insight at this state.

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