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Century Of Revolution: Social hobbies in Iran (Social events, Protest an...

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Such discourse is not simply a back-and-forth argument between opposing forces based on rational calculation of interests. Diverse sets of ideas can articulate the same interests. Discourse is shaped within the dynamics of ideological debate itself, as each side of a conflict structures the kind of argument its opponents are likely to advance against it, and vice versa. The efficacy of a discourse in rallying people to action is often contingent upon the degree to which it transcends social differences in a communitarian direction.

The story of the ten-month siege of Tabriz, which ended with Russian military intervention on April 29, 1909, is one of the most moving chapters in twentieth-century Iranian history. Despite the ongoing war, the Tabriz Anjuman, which had replaced the Majlis as the center of consti- THE IRANIAN CONSTITUTIONAL REVOLUTION OF 1906-11 31 tutionalism in Iran, gained both national and international recognition for keeping the revolutionary spirit alive. This was made possible through the support of the Mujahidin, who continued to resist at a time when many leading constitutionalist figures had either left the country or gone into hiding.

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