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By R. F. Yeager, Mark West, Robin L. Hinson

ISBN-10: 0870134744

ISBN-13: 9780870134746

That the poet John Gower used to be an enormous literary determine in England on the shut of the fourteenth century is not any longer in query. Scholarly realization paid to him and to his paintings over the last twenty- 5 years has redeemed him from an undeserved obscurity imposed through the previous 2 hundred. The proof of his existence and occupation are actually documented, and up to date serious review has put his fulfillment such a lot properly along Chaucer's, Langland's, and the Gawain- poet's. 
     certain between his contemporaries, all of whom unquestionably learn and used French in a few degree, Gower on my own has left us an important physique of verse and prose in Anglo-Norman; mainly, the twelve-stanza poem Mirour de l-Omme, the Cinkante Balades, and the Traitié pour les amantz marietz. we're provided during this concordance of his Anglo- Norman paintings a distinct chance to view a poetic language because it used to be written and browse in England till Gower's demise in 1408 and beyond. 

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1:5 La joefne dame ove soi ad amenee ament (1) MO 13:2082 Qu'iI ne s' ament, ainz en oubli amenuse (1) MO 79:15458 Ses biens par ce ja n' amen use, amen user (2) MO 49:9690 La force fait amen user, MO 114:26169 Mais ja pour tant amenuser 23 amer (84) MO 2:157 Au mors du pomme tant amer MO 13:2025 Au mary, qui la volt amer. MO 13:2108 Par quoy ne sciet son dieu amer, MO 18:3426 Vuillent amer, ain~ois despite MO 20:3765 D' amer ton anemy mortal? MO 21 :3887 Comme plus d' amer se penera, MO 30:5838 Ne cuer d' amer son creatour.

MO 101 :20542 A I' alme ardante peccheresse? MO 101 :20640 Et I' alme ascun proufit ne tient. MO 102:20825 Pour la vertu del alme tourt, MO 103:20878 Q'illaist de I' alme ain\ois Ie pru, MO 103:20997 Au corps, et I' alme desfigure: MO 105:22215 Du corps et alme noz gardeins, MO 106:23126 Qe s' alme plus du paine en ait MO 106:23141 U f alme doit respondre sole, MO 107:23435 As povres, f alme au departie MO 108:23608 En I' alme, ensi de tiele aprise MO 108:23731 Mais I' alme en grant peril serra.

2:14 ... pas amant qui soun amour mesguie. 3:21 ... pas amant qui son amour mesguie. 4:28 L' amour parfit en dieu se justifie. amourettes (2) MO 48:9288 Se treont a leur amourettes. 3:17 Etsi la sort de grace est amourouse, amours (25) MO 12:1923 Seant d'encoste ses amours! MO 32:6636 As tieus, meinz ad de leur amours. 3:18 De mes amours, que jeo desire et ... 4:32 De ses amours, skom jeo lors ... 2:9 Pour penser les amours de temps ... 1:8 ... qui bien aime ses amours tard oblie. 2:16 ... qui bien aime ses amours tard oblie.

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