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By R. K. Pandey

ISBN-10: 9711041685

ISBN-13: 9789711041687

Ebook by way of Pandey, R. okay.

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Number of pods per plant is set. Soybean seeds turn yellow as they ripen. They must dry before harvest. 51 Full maturity • After 95 percent of the pods have turned yellow, 5 to 7 days of • 52 drying weather are needed. Rain at this time can spoil the seeds. Timely harvesting is necessary to prevent seed loss in the field. The roots Functions of the roots 55 Root development 56 Root distribution 57 Functions of the roots • • • The roots transport nutrients and water to the rest of the plant. They support the shoot and its parts.

29 Factors affecting seedling growth — plant density • • 30 Seedlings growing too close together grow too tall and lodge easily. Seedlings growing too far apart allow too much weed growth. Factors affecting seedling growth — weeds, insect pests, and diseases • Weeds rob seedlings of nutrients. • Insect pests eat young leaves and seedlings. stems and may kill • Soil-borne diseases stunt or kill young seedlings. 31 Growth stages Growth stages of soybean — vegetative phase 35 Growth stages of soybean — vegetative phase 36 Growth stages of soybean — late vegetative phase 37 Branching 38 Growth stages of soybean — vegetative phase • The first node has a pair of leaves, with only one leaflet each.

Flowering pattern — determinate varieties • The flowering pattern of the soybean plant depends on the • variety. Determinate varieties begin flowering when most of the nodes on the main stem have developed. Flowering starts at the upper nodes and progresses downwards and upwards from there. 43 Flowering pattern — indeterminate varieties • • 44 Indeterminate varieties begin flowering when less than half the nodes on the main stem have developed. Flowering starts at the lower nodes, which develop pods while upper nodes are still flowering.

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