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Seit über zehn Jahren werden Persönliche Budgets in shape von Modellprojekten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland erprobt und bis heute sind die Erwartungen an die Potenziale hoch gesteckt. Die Praxis der Budgetverwendung zeichnet hingegen ein ernüchterndes Bild, da einige der in Sozialpolitik und Wissenschaft diskutierten Potenziale in der Realität nur begrenzt umgesetzt werden konnten.

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Thanks to the energetic intervention of the hygienist Oberstabsarzt (Major) W. Hoffmann, it was soon suppressed . The epidemic appeared also in Serbia, refugees carrying it over all countries of the dual monarchy. There about 23,000 cases were reported in the fall of 1914 . December 13, 1914 I was hurriedly summoned to Hammerstein, a large camp of instruction with numerous stone and wooden buildings, covering an extensive terrain . It was designated as a camp for prisoners of war . The number of Russian prisoners in the first few months exceeded all expectations .

The infectious nature of the disease was plain, but so was the influence of the external circumstances . We presented our expert opinion, with the suggestions to arrange for rest, distribution of cocoa, tea, oatmeal, and other anti-diarrhea foods, to distribute warm clothing and abdominal binders and to issue red or mulled wine . The result confirmed our hopes . Within a few days the epidemic died out and even during the summer the units suffered little from dysentery. CHAPTER IX CHOLERA Cholera, indigenous to India, first visited Europe in 1831 and after that repeatedly .

One could entrust them with any transport . I was amazed at the strength of these people, for Russia had been described to us as a country degenerated by alcohol and syphilis . Nothing of this was noticeable, the frames, teeth and musculature of the prisoners leaving nothing to be desired . Later when the factory population of Moscow was combed, there appeared in the field wasted men, many afflicted with tuberculosis. They were inadequately armed, one rifle for two men being the rule, and I myself have seen wooden guns which had been taken from prisoners .

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