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Tested under severe combat conditions all over the world, but especially in the ferocious tank battles in Sinai during the Yom Kippur War, the Patton will surely remain in active service with the Israel Ar­ moured Corps for a long time to come. Following a low-flying air attack on the Israeli ar­ moured encampments deep in Sinai, the Egyptians crossed the Suez Canal with 5 divisions spread all along the line, engulfing the entire Bar-Lev network in a crashing artillery barrage. The IDF Sinai Com­ mand sent its regular armour racing to their prepared firing positions on the ramps, in an effort to stem the invasion before the Egyptians could organise them­ selves in a bridgehead.

It was a scene of horror - the Egyptian tankers. utterly surprised by the deadly Israeli tank fire, los all sense of direction. Tanks mingled with armoured carriers, crashing into each other while crewmen leapi from stricken vehicles and were crushed to death by their own tanks. It was the Six Day War all over again. Within 20 minutes, over 20 Egyptian tanks were bu m­ ing, exploding hulks. The Egyptian command did no­ realise the exact situation and urged on the attacl' notwithstanding the heavy losses.

Captain Dave Lindberg, an Air Force forward air controller Hying column cover, immediately called for fighters :'rom the Bien Boa air base. : . ommand and control ship. Landry's troop, mean­ M48A3 crew belonging to 11 th Armored Cavalry R egt. loading 90mm ammunition. M48A3 Pattons of 1st Squadron, 11 th Armored Cavalry Regi­ ment, deploy by a roadside in 'herringbone forrnation '. This tactic was adopted to bring maximum firepower to bear on the enemy in an ambush. The 11ACR landed in South Viet­ nam at Vung Tau on 7 September 1966 and were committed to action in Operation Atlanta on 20 October 1966.

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