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By Wheeler M. Thackston

ISBN-10: 0936347503

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A millennium of classical Persian poetry: a advisor to the analyzing & figuring out of Persian poetry from the 10th to the 20th century

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1..... ;.. r' j l . , . :u r=- J :r? r. stu L . u. J-"l. }I ..... } ~ l;;.. s ~ } ..... r. J J I. , .... :. s I I. r. J. r. ,. :Ill • Lui ... :-L. -L. ;;.. e..!. J;' -=-J 4 -. ;, .. -:- .... rl ~ L. 1. r. r' j I.. L. ,.. "rA poet o f the later Ohaznavid period in the subcontinent who spent a good porcion of his life in prison owing to the calumny and treachery o f those who were envious o f the wealth and power he had both inher· ired and augmented by virtue of his civil and military talents, Mas'ud~i Sa'd·i Salman (1046-1121) is renowned for his Habsin4, (prison po· I Here garna ...

V~ . -. T:... hl) ''y' .! J t.. ,..... - .... "i--J. :-:. r. ~ . ;t.. I·T u • 6r'lo... r.. ~ ~ 1Rose-colored agate = the lip. ZThe moon is the (aee; the stars are tears; the liver Is the seat of emotions and passion. l"adda ,d lab; (or the soul to be on the: lips is • common idiom for tmml# nentdeuh. -4For the meter, read hifshdnJ.. u. The sense here Is "[3 created," not "has created;" and $0 al$O barlutida 'st in the next hemistich. am.

L J ' r. :... Ij J o;}.. :... J-:i ? ~ A-! u. ". A:- ? ~L:.. shmandn = ki d"s"mandn~am. 'CC8 nnd Medina lo w o n the horizon In the dircc,.. tion o r the Yemen, the stRr is associated with that country. ~i U. 24 A MILLENNIUM OF CLASSICAL PERSIAN POETRY the Seljuq Mu'iuuddln Malikshah (r. 1072-92). ervlce of Sultan Sanjar (r. 1097-1157). A master at the unforced metaphor and simplicity of diction, Mu'ini adopted and adapted themea: from the Arabic qasida (as here, the theme of the caravan) into his Persian poetry.

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