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By Samantha James

ISBN-10: 0060006617

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The incomparable united states this day bestseller Samanth James cordially invitations you to Regency England for a Sterling affair . . . completely amazing Devon St. James needs to without doubt be dreaming! She closes her eyes in London's poorest slum, and awakens wrapped in high-quality linens . . . staring into the eyes of the main lovely guy she has ever noticeable! Sebastian Sterling, marquess of Thurston, is obviously surprised to have a woman from the streets in his mattress, notwithstanding the warmth of the will burning in his gaze is unmistakable. but when he believes Devon will simply post, he's relatively wrong! What the satan has he performed? it really is undesirable sufficient their relations is already mired in scandal, now Sebastian has to house the beautiful younger good looks in rags he had impetuously carried into his domestic! Worse nonetheless, the woman is riding the intense, liable marquess to distraction along with her fiery spirit and breathtaking sensuality. yet possibly, simply maybe, with a few of Sebastian's deepest education, this low-born enchantress can examine refinement and manners—and be miraculously remodeled from purely his passionate obsession into . . . an ideal Bride

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Sebastian was well aware of his brother’s tastes; Justin would not deign even to glance at a woman who was not a diamond of the first water. His smile ebbed. His heart squeezed. Dear God, she could be a toad. As long as she loved him and would never leave. He was determined he wouldn’t make the same mistakes as his father and mother. Dear God, not with his children. Or his wife. The brandy decanter was nearly drained to the dregs before he arose and mounted the stairs. At the top he paused. His gaze was drawn to the first door on the right, which stood slightly ajar.

Hell, a dozen children for that matter, for he would give them all the things he and Justin and Julianna had never had. Indeed, he could imagine no greater pleasure than the feel of a small, warm body snuggled against his chest, in complete and utter trust . . a child of his blood. A son. A daughter . . Sweet Christ, he didn’t care which, for the thought of either made his heart swell with emotion. God, but it would be good to hear gay, merry laughter echoing through the rooms—both here at his town house and at Thurston Hall.

For a thieving woman of the streets, she was remarkably fine. There was no denying her wild beauty and . . God above, but he felt almost lascivious! Was it the pose? Or the woman herself? Beneath the fine lawn of the night rail, her skin glimmered in the firelight. The night rail lay bunched about her thighs, slender and white. Her legs shifted; a small hand moved to her chest, then dropped to one side. Her breasts rose and fell rhythmically, her nipples round coral disks that thrust out impudently.

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