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DATA ACQUISITION The measured values of the water flow rate (m3/h) shall be acquired with a time resolution equal to or better than 1 minute. The acquired value shall be an average over the acquisition time interval (no longer than 1 minute). There shall be means in the RAMSES higher level software for integrating the water flow rate in time during any time interval, that is to calculate the total amount of released water during that interval (m3). MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS ID number Description WFM-1 WFMs shall fulfil the specifications given in Table 9.

The so-called quality factor (Sv/Gy) of the local area controller, the quantity H describes the composition of the field and by multiplying the measured absorbed dose (Gy) with this † ˙ * (10) shall be obtained. factor the quantity H The field quality factors for various monitored areas are determined in complementary, sophisticated measurements and Monte Carlo simulations. The local † processing unit shall already indicate the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) or the ambient dose equivalent ˙ * (10) .

RMS–011 A monitoring station shall update the measured values at a configurable rate with a minimum rate of 10 seconds and adjustable in steps of, at least, 1 second. The possibility of faster update rates is preferred. (see Figure 1, Sampling/Averaging period) RMS–012 The algorithm, converting the train of pulses into ambient equivalent dose rates or ambient dose equivalent, shall be configurable. 1 seconds. (see Figure 1, Conversion Algorithm). Besides the calibration factor, the so-called “field factor” shall be configurable for each monitor station.

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