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By Weiying Chen

ISBN-10: 1575211548

ISBN-13: 9781575211541

A advisor to net programming with ActiveX. The ebook covers ActiveX Controls, energetic scripts, ActiveX records, net Server API (ISAPI), low and high point interfaces for downloading information from the web, ActiveX Server Framework and sceurity and optimization matters for ActiveX programmers

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CLowerStr is the implementation of the ILowerStr interface. ) method, the AddRef() is invoked whenever an interface is successfully queried. 2. AddRef() and Release() are the most standard implementation. 3. ) accepts the input and converts the input string to lowercase. 4. In the CLowerStr constructor, m_dwRef is initialized to 1 because this object is successfully instantiated by the client application. 5. 4. Implement IClassFactory interface. 6. 12 demonstrates implementation of the class factory object for the CLowerStr object.

Htm (14 of 40) [7/1/2002 11:55:22 PM] Chapter 3 - ActiveX Unleashed pObj->Release(); } else { hr = E_OUTOFMEMORY; *ppv = NULL; } return hr; } STDMETHODIMP CLowerStrClassFactory::LockServer(BOOL fLock) { if (fLock) g_cLock++; else g_cLock--; return S_OK; } 1. 11. QueryInterface is almost the same except the interface exposed by the CLowerStr is different from CLowerStrClassFactory. CLowerStr inherits from two interfaces, IUnknown and ILowerStr, whereas CLowerStrClassFactory inherits IUnknown and IClassFactory.

The following gives an example of API functions. ● ● ● CoInitialize: Initialize the COM library. The COM library must be initialized before calling its functions. This API should be called when the COM application starts. CoUninitialize: Uninitialize the COM library. This will free all the maintained COM resources and close all RPC connections. This API should be called when the COM application exits. CoCreateInstance: Create an instance of the object class. This API is a helper function. A helper function means a function that encapsulates other functions and interface methods defined in the COM specification.

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