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By Michael Dinowitz, Judith Dinowitz

ISBN-10: 1430272155

ISBN-13: 9781430272151

Something has beleaguered the ColdFusion atmosphere: an absence of deep wisdom. This booklet is a welcome palliative to that. in case you are a significant ColdFusion programmer, purchasing this e-book will be a no brainer.

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With the introduction of ColdFusion functions, originally available only in CFScript, the language got a lot more attention. This has evolved to the point where CFScript can be used to create much richer UDFs and even be used to create full components. When ColdFusion MX 6 was released, UDFs received a major boost with the inclusion of the cffunction tag. This allowed people to write UDFs using the full range of ColdFusion tags and functions and provided other advantages as well. 17 CHAPTER 3 ■ FROM USER-DEFINED FUNCTIONS TO COLDFUSION COMPONENTS Creating UDFs UDFs are composed of two parts: a function definition and a function call.

The scope is actually a subscope of the UDF’s local scope. The easiest way to add variables to the Arguments scope is to use the cfargument tag.

This will have the same effect as just described, with one alteration: All of the content will be treated as if it were inside a cfoutput block. Listing 3-4. cffunction with its output attribute set to true this text will be outputted to the screen. #test# will be evaluated without a cfoutput If you do not want any output, and especially not the extra space in the return value, all you need to do is set the output attribute to a value of Boolean false (false/no/0).

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