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go to site Fuel rod details at 10 times magnification are still sharp enough to allow dimensional measurements to be made with great precision (50 mm). Fuel rod instrumentation devices and other details can be detected with high reliability and the results can be used for example to estimate the end of life pressure in instrumented fuel rods. g. in fuel failure degradation tests. The last five years of upgrading and use of advanced electronic data treatment tools in PIE have improved both the inspection possibilities and documentation quality of neutron radiographs.

go to link In the overview report the generalized results of cladding tightness inspection are reviewed for all Ukrainian WWER-type NPP units. Brief analysis of cladding tightness inspection methodology is drawn. Approaches of Ukrainian NPPs are generalized from the viewpoint of use of widened inspection sample analysis. 1. 00035 NAEC "Energoatom" is Ukrainian nuclear utility. We have 4 nuclear power plants in Ukraine. Today 13 units are in operation. 11 of them have WWER-1000 reactor, another 2 are WWER-440.

essay examples year 12 2. 1. Fuel rods hot cell testing This experimentation divides into two main families: · · Non Destructive Examination (NDE), the fuel rods remain intact, Destructive examination, needing working out on the material eliminating any return to integrity. Non Destructive Examinations Ø Accurate visual examination of the fuel rod This examination consists in a video recording and photographing the noticeable areas such as metallurgical defects, welding failures, peeling hints, wear areas... Ø Continuous diameter profile along the rod It is required to measure the diameter creep of the cladding and possibly to characterise, assess and measure wear scars1 on the cladding.

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