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This quantity provides paintings from six varied teams engaged on a number of points of cycloaddition chemistry. Jos? Mascare?as offers us a truly attention-grabbing account of the chemistry of &Bgr;-alkoxy-&ggr;-pyrones and similar species. Al Padwa and Chris Staub talk about extra advances in rhodium carbenoid chemistry and the bizarre cycloaddition tactics attainable with those intermediates. greater order cycloadditions mediated by way of transition metals spotlight Jim Rigby's replace on his group's efforts during this region. Lily Lee and John Snyder current us with a close account of the indole ring as a dienophile, tough us to think about the untapped power during this quarter. Brian Keay and Ian Hunt speak about the intramolecular Diels-Alder reactions of furan; a document that's either top-notch technology, and what can be a nice studying device for college kids who have to see how primary chemical rules can and may be utilized to man made difficulties. eventually, Kay Brummond introduces us to a brand new model of the Pauson-Khand reactions, person who will doubtless be extra exploited in efficient methods via her staff good into the longer term.

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Implementation of the strategy required preliminary conversion of kojic acid into 117, which was achieved following known deoxygenation and hydroxymethylation procedures. This pyrone was elaborated to give the cycloadduct 118, which bears the correct stereochemical array for the target, following the steps indicated in Scheme 48. 58 C. MASCARENAS 40 (+TBS~ a OTBS =. ~. s ~ 119 Me02C Figure 12. tation would provide access to oxygen-bridged medium-sized carbocycles (Figure 12). This was of interest owing to the well-known synthetic challenges associated to the construction of rings of this size.

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