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source site There is no requirement for registering with a network manager first. This means that an up to date list of network participants is not available intrinsically from the terminals. Instead the network manager is going to have to perform this task by requiring all ‘network-ofnetworks’ Link 16 terminals to periodically inform it of their existence. Then, the network manager will then distribute this list of the participants. In order to accommodate new terminals who have yet to be granted dedicated or reallocated slots, it is recommended that the network manager always leave some timeslots in contention mode (allocated to all terminals) for network management functionality such as registration. J. and Kim, Y. (1996). “Multimedia systems for telemedicine and their communications requirements”, IEEE Communications Magazine. ; Mingozzi, E. Stea, G. 11e HCCA”, Proc. 3rd Internet Performance, Simulation, Monitoring and Measurement IPS-MoMe 2005 March 14-15, Warsaw (Poland). ; Lo, K. ; Zhang, X. (2008). “Wireless Multimedia Systems: Cross Layer Considerations”, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ; Steinbach, E. (2006). “On Cross-Layer Design for Streaming Video Delivery in Multiuser Wireless Environments”, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking.

go to link While this works for networks such as Ethernet which can communicate packets up to 1500 bytes long, it will not work for networks such as Link 11 which is only capable of sending 6 byte packets. The computers/people generating the information do not know or think about the transmission method or protocol that is used to exchange the information only that they are able to reproduce the source data at the destination. There may be some requirements on the data such as priority, latency or data-rate, but as long as the communications medium is able to support this it does not matter how the information is transported.

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