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By A. B. Bosworth

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During this learn, Bosworth seems to be at Alexander the Great's actions in valuable Asia and Pakistan, drawing a bleak photograph of bloodbath and repression equivalent to the Spanish conquest of Mexico. He investigates the evolution of Alexander's perspectives of empire and notion of common monarch, and records the illustration of Alexander through historians of antiquity. The ebook is directed to experts and basic readers alike.

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19. 41. i\ cf. Plut. Eum. 16. 7 ('war's athletes, as it were, without a defeat or a fall up to that time'); Justin 14. 2. 6. 77 Diod. 19. 43. 2, again confirmed by Plut. Eum. 16. 8-9. On Hieronymus as the source of the information see Hornblower, Hieronymus 190-3. 78 Diod. 19. 16. 1. Cf. R. H. Simpson, Historia 6 (1957) 504-5; Hornblower, Hieronymus 125-6. 28 The Shield of Achilles native irregulars. It was sixteen months before they were finally overrun by direct assault. These men were dangerous and none of them more than Alexander himself.

14. 18), who simply states that'the elephant drivers turned their beasts against the cavalry', not noticing that it destroyed Porus' tactics, as outlined at 5. 15. 6-7. Polyaen. 22, by contrast, lays emphasis on the gaps which occurred in Porus' line and their exploitation by the Macedonians. 48 Arr. 5. 17. 3; cf. Diod. 17. 1-2; Curt. 8. 14. 22-8. 49 The elephants inflicted some casualties but were unable to break or seriously disrupt the Macedonian line. On the other hand the Macedonian cavalry, concentrated in a single mass, launched destructive forays against the rear of the Indian line.

2. 3-27 (sieges); 4. 8. 8-19; 5. 4. 11-26; 6. 5. 26-32 (pitched battles). The subsequent campaign in Thrace was notable for its lack of military action (cf. Xen. Anab. 7. 7. 5-9). 72 The Shield of Achilles 27 mittedly periods when military action was minimal, the first nine months of 331 and the last eighteen months of his life. But they are more than countered by years on end of almost uninterrupted combat. In 334 the pitched battle of the Granicus was followed by extended sieges at Miletus and (notably) Halicarnassus, and the campaign of Issus around November 333 was followed by seven months of siege activity at Tyre and two months at Gaza.

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