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By Pema Chödrön

ISBN-10: 1590304608

ISBN-13: 9781590304600

For hundreds of years Tibetan Buddhists have trusted a set of fifty-nine pith teachings (called lojong in Tibetan) to aid them improve knowledge and compassion amid the demanding situations of day-by-day residing. during this booklet Pema Chödrön introduces those transformative teachings and gives suggestions on the way to cause them to a part of our daily lives.

The lojong teachings comprise: "Always keep just a cheerful mind," "Don't be swayed by way of exterior circumstances," "Don't be so predictable," and "Be thankful to everyone." every one slogan is via Pema Chödrön's available and succinct remark on how one can comprehend and follow it.

This publication additionally incorporates a forty-five-minute audio application entitled "Opening the Heart," during which Pema Chödrön bargains in-depth guideline on tonglen meditation, a robust perform that any one can adopt to evoke compassion for oneself and others.

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The wave is nothing other than the water, and yet it is seen as a wave. Although it appears as a wave, it has never changed from being of the nature of water. In the same way, with the various types of thoughts, from the very moment they appear, they are nothing other than the aware emptiness of unidentifiable mind. Moreover, since this mind is unconfined, it does appear as a variety of thoughts. Even though it appears as them, it has not changed from being the aware emptiness of the mind that is not a definable entity.

3 }). 3 GiJi___23 ii3i M. H 11 ~ at )! 3 ~~ . l! Ji ;i li~ ~ . )1 )i ll___23 )! Ji.? 1i . ~ ~ j::J_? -i}j ~ .. { ~ --9! ti ~ __23 ---* ~ '<2¥::;, BJ >! 1i • ~ ~ )1 JV • ----• --9! ~~-if ~ ~ ;f.! 3 ' • OtV ~ )! --9! --" . 3 • 1l! i .. ill . J JV ~ -'! ~ ~ ~ 4 .. Ji 1l M. ~ ~~~ vv ~ --9! ~ ~ 1l -~i _gj ~~ ~• ~ ~ ~ . a M. H . ~ ~ )! ~{ ___)] . ~ ~_}I~ ~~ ~• )! l1 )1 w ~ . 1i ~ ~{ r; -'! ci.? ::1? t;: clarifying the natural state toos~l1il1S Take the same posture and keep the same gaze as above.

From within this state, maintain a presence of mind that is simply not distracted. Do not fidget; be expansive and clear. Train in being open and vividly present. While training in this way, when an obtrusive thought intrudes, you need neither begin to block it nor pursue it. Rather, maintain a steady and unwavering presence of mind. Nor do you need to block off or encourage the subtle fluttering of thoughts. Remain clear, lucid and quiet. Then interrupt to take a short break. Once again, continue training as before to see what experience you gain.

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