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3 Chief of the royal court, Wasfi al-Tall, had begged Hussein not to become involved. The king insisted that he had no choice. ”5 Israel’s minister of foreign affairs, Abba Eban, referred to the king’s trip to Cairo as the final step that ensured the inevitability of war. ”6 The king’s cousin, commander of a tank brigade, Zaid bin Shaker, stated that the king had to go to war with Israel or confront civil war at home. ” When Hussein discussed that war with her, he had tears in his eyes. Like his grandfather, Abdullah, who had gone to war against Israel in 1948, Hussein recognized that the Arab armies could not prevail against the better-equipped and better-trained Israeli army.

He complained that despite the risk involved, King Hussein had pursued a pro-American policy but had received little in return. 75 Two days before his May 14 meeting with Under-Secretary Sisco, the State Department had informed al-Rifai that Washington would approve an arms package for Jordan. The king’s adviser had immediately sent details of the package to Hussein. The Jordanian monarch was unhappy with the scheduled delivery dates and the absence of some earlier requested items. 76 Meanwhile, fedayeen in Jordan continued attacks on Israel.

S. embassy, King Hussein asked Israel to refrain from striking in order to provide some breathing space for him. According to Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban, the king spoke harshly against the fedayeen. He assured Tel Aviv that if the fedayeen established positions that enabled them to shoot Katusha rockets at Eilat, the Dead Sea works, or Beit Shean, and, if he was unable to stop them by other means his army would not take action against them. Foreign Minister Eban told the British ambassador to Israel that Israel welcomed any possible effort on London’s part to support this arrangement.

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