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One hundred was the superintendent. Rangers were in the five hundreds. The numbers went by position, not personality. But after spending a surreal hour in the nineteenth century, she'd felt the need to check lest Mississippi did things differently from the rest of the world. Fifteen minutes' digging through cartons freed up her uniform if not her bat. Leather gear, cuffs, badges, service weapon-the symbols of office-were provided by the park where one worked. Anna'd not vet been issued hers. Like most long-term employees, she managed to @Uyl borrow, and acquire through sins of omission her own gun belt, holster, Kevlar vest and handcuffs.

Smell was primal. This stirred an image deep in Anna's subconscious. Hunched over the wheel, eyes on the writhing black strip of asphalt, she waited as it struggled up through the layers of fatigue: Dorothy's poppy field, Toto, the lion, the girl, tumbling down in a narcotic dream on the outskirts of the Emerald City. Flashes of green, unfurling black; the road bad a mystic sameness that was stultifying. Maybe she should have stayed on Interstate 20 to Clinton, Mississippi, as the chief ranger bad instructed, instead of following the tortuous directions for a shortcut she'd gotten when she called one of her soon-to-be field rangers in Port Gibson, a jovial fellow who called himself Randy She rolled the window up.

What made a good ranger at Kenai Fiords might be totally useless at Appomattox Courthouse. That done, one sent in the application. The government then fiddled around in mysterious ways until half the hopefuls died of old age or went on to other jobs. With luck and timing, an offer eventually came. Given the givens, it wasn't a good career move to turn a promotion down. For Anna, the call had come from the Deep South; she had been offered a GS-11 district ranger position in the Port Gibson District of the Natchez Trace Parkway, the section that ran from Jackson to Natchez, Mississippi, ninety miles through the heart of one of the poorest counties in one of the poorest states in the union.

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